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“Moving hinge do not rust, flowing water do not rot”

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

Our body is designed for movement and movement means life. In prehistoric times our ancestors had a great deal of physical activities. They had to hunt, which means they had to walk/run long distances, and on top of that, they probably had to fight with and for their preys. Moreover, they probably suffered from long time fasting until they were able to get some food. Later on in history, even after some of these conditions changed, human life prevailed pretty much like before concerning physical labor and movement.

In our modern live, most of these conditions have drastically transformed due to a considerable improvement on the living standards. Unfortunately in some countries some of the above described condition still remain, but for those who live in developed countries, when it comes to the physical activities, they have been reduced substantially in the past few decades. The need to walk has been replaced by sophisticated transportation systems, automatized mechanisms have replaced manual labor. So our movement in general and exercise is significantly reduced in our lives than in past generations.

In addition, we must say something about nutrition as well. Instead of organic, natural and good quality food, most peoples for different reasons succumb to unnatural ways of eating resulting in obesity, metabolic disorders etc. Not to mention about stress and emotional disbalances… all these factors, obviously, derive in a decrease of living standards. Nowadays there is a much higher average of life, but by the other hand, there is also many people suffering from chronic conditions, a high percentage of the them linked to lifestyles, polluted environment and stress.

It is important to know as well that exercise not only will benefit our musculoskeletal system, but also our immune system, and a lot of psychological and emotional effects are obtained. By setting an exercise routine, organically, in our daily live, we are not only paying attention to the short term results, but also in the long run. By keeping a regular dose of movement every day, we are setting a strong foundation for the years to come, so our strength, mobility, and balance are maintained in good condition. Regarding fitness, there are a few options coming to us: Outdoor exercises like walking, running, biking, playing some sports, or hiking in nature. If you prefer an indoor alternative, there is always a gym nearby or simply choose a home program. Any option you settle on will surely improve your overall health, your performance, and therefore, your self confidence and general well-being. Taking care of the right nutrition, combined with the right exercise program that suits you, is imperative for avoiding undesirable effects and get better results.

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