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Qualia Holistic Performance is about wellness from a holistic approach. We offer Massage, Personal Training, Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, and Healing not only to obtain a better looking or appearance, but a more consistent health criteria to possitively affect peoples lives in the long run.

We use the term Qualia inspired by the philosophical term, starting from the point that any experience, even when you share it, is lived in a unique, personal, non-transferable mode by every single one of the people going through it. 

As a family business, we extend an invitation to allow yourself to get a glance, a scent, a taste of the services we offer, all connected to wellness in a holistic manner. As entrepreneurs, we are looking for economic independence by sharing our passion and contributing with health and happiness, not only our personal but yours and the community. As professionals, we love to offer our high quality services and enjoy their results when a client gets his own serendipity in his particular unique qualia.

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Atmajeet or Gema Castro, Cuban by birth and actress by profession, fell into yoga in 2008  as part of  the training for a theater play. In 2011 she migrated to Mexico and  as any other immigrant, had no time but for work. Those circumstances led her to make a decision of "moving into  a different world." Kundalini Yoga turned out to be the answer to her call, so Atmajeet studied Kundalini Yoga Level I and Kundalini Yoga for Conscious Pregnancy, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, with Arjan Kaur Khalsa at Sikh Center Mexico. Then she moved to Miami and took the 200 hours Hatha Vinyasa Teacher Training with Victoria Brunacci at Synergy Yoga Center, where she also met Mukti who opened the path for Thai Massage.

2017 marked a turning point in her life. Atmajeet completed her training as a Reiki Master, got licensed as a massage therapist, and became a mother. In 2019, she finally was able to travel to Thailand and become a Nuad Boran Instructor at the International Thai Massage School, ITM.

Convinced that life is a spiritual journey, Atmajeet has applied holistic yoga principles to daily life and she tries to share that experience in classes through the passion of singing mantras, meditation, and body work.



Armando: CPT, CES, LMT... Born in Havana, Cuba, Armando has been always interested in exercises from the physical, psychological and spiritual aspects linked to them. Engaged in Yoga practice in the 90s, Armando also started studying massage from both, western and eastern systems (TuiNa, Yumeiho, and Swedish). Later on he was introduced to Traditional Chinese Exercises like DaoYin and Taijiquan; and started studying some notions and bases on Chinese Medicine. Armando came in to the US in 2015 and enrolled at NASM on the Certified Personal Training (CPT) program, obtained his Personal Training Licence, and a certification as Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES); at the same time, on Miami Dade College, Armando completed his certification on Massage and became a Licenced Massage Therapist (LMT). Understanding all the features implied on having a good overall health, has always been a passion for Armando. Not only being physically fit, which could be a strong foundation for a healthy and stunning life, but also some other aspect such as psychological and spiritual components, that eventually hold a really strong impact in our well-being and life.


Lucia is just a child, but she is definitely a vital component on this family business. She was involved in yoga and massage practices even before being born. Lucia has been surrounded of love and wellness practices, and of course, some information permeates on her. Obviously, Lucia will not perform any massage or guide any practice, but her presence might be around sometimes to spread her light and innocent happiness.

Qualia Holistic Performance

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